Micron Manufacturing has a team of University qualified Engineers who can bring your ideas to life using the latest in 3D CAD Virtual Prototype Simulation Software (VPSS).

We can provide detailed working 3D renderings of your projects for verification prior to manufacturing. We also have the facilities to ensure products can actually be manufactured during the design process.

No products at Micron Manufacturing are released for production unless verified in 3D, leading to higher quality components and gaurenteed satisfaction for our clients.

Flow chart Engineering Services


Mass production. which began at the turn of the last century, was limited by its dependence on high production volumes and lack of part variety. The end of the mass production period was marked by the tasks of skilled workers being transferred to smart machines. Data stored in the machine’s control, combined with advances in programming made way for an era of greater flexibility. In the I970s, demands for more customized products in much smaller lot sizes led to flexible manufacturing.

Intelligence moved from an assembly line worker to external set-up in which a skilled operator directed the machine’s process through software. Flexibility was greatly enhanced by machines were able to process a larger variety of parts. However, set-up continued to be an issue based on tooling or distinct conditions specified by the program. Constant demand for increased customization led to our current period mass-customization. The goal of mass customization is to provide customized products at mass production pricing.

Mass customization is characterized by unlimited part variety, flexible tooling, automated material handling, instant information flow and intelligent and operator-free machines. Ongoing advances in machines and laser technology have significantly reduced or eliminated set-up.

The use of both lasers and extremely efficient offline programming have enabled Micron Manufacturing to mange time as never before. In addition, dynamic nesting software has maximized both machine and material utilization while significantly reducing processing time. To further enhance productivity advanced automation systems have been engineered to make 24/7 green-light time a true reality.

The VPSS system allows Micron Manufacturing to achieve highly accurate print to part processing first time, without the need for wasteful prototypes.