Bending using Amada Press brakes.

Micron Manufacturing utilises the latest in eco friendly Hybrid Drive System Press Brakes from Amada to achieve bending tolerances with 15 minutes of Arc.


Our HG-ATC is a highly automated bending cell with robotic tool change combined with automatic angle detection and adjustment.



All of our bending cells use off line programming allowing the operator to visually see a 3d representation of the part and simulate the bending sequence on the touch screen, which allows for much higher throughput and much higher quality work on the machine.

This, combined with Amada fixed height precision ground tooling and time saving hydraulic clamping for both punches and single V dies up to 40mm, allows Micron Manufacturing to deliver results with quality and lead times that will exceed your expectations.

Using the latest in technology, Micron is able to deliver premium results which are also cost effective.