Our Mission

Manufacturing has begun to struggle in Australia using traditional manufacturing techniques due to competition from the likes of China and India as well as the rising cost of wages due to the increase in education in the population.
This has made it near impossible to compete with high volume type work, so most jobs being undertaken by Australian Manufacturing companies are of the high mix, low volume variety.

To combat this, it is necessary to develop technology making it possible to quickly move from a conceptual model to a finished product in minimal time with no tolerance for defects. The expertise and experience by the company directors in correctly implementing the use of virtual prototyping software with latest the technology will be the key to a competitive advantage held by Micron Manufacturing.

Micron Manufacturing was founded in Sydney 2012. The name Micron Manufacturing aspired form the term ‘Micron’ being an unofficial industry name for Micrometer (µm), a micron is .001mm. Our company name reflects this with our precision and accuracy is all aspects of Engineering, Design and Manufacture using the latest technology.Micron is a light Engineering company with a focus on sheet metal design and manufacture. The Sheet Metal industry is an indispensable part of the modern consumer marketplace; Sheet Metal products are present in all commercial and residential situations. We service industries such as Mining, Rail, Agriculture, Medical, Telecommunications, Power generation and Air conditioning.